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Brand new to essential oils?

Don't worry! We can help you relearn how you think about natural health, restart your LIFE with the perfect essential oils personally hand picked for your needs and lastly renew your health and the health of those you love most.  

Essential oils will EMPOWER you to be ready for anything...

Get inspired....

Financial freedom, the freedom to travel, emotional freedom, freedom from substance, freedom to work when you want and where you want.....any of these sound familiar?


We certainly didn't have any of these freedoms. In fact we felt stuck. Our time was being sucked up by worry.  Worrying to pay the bills, worrying if we could fill up our gas tanks, worrying about the traffic during our commute, worrying about when we would find pure joy and about our future.  

With all that worry we lost our selves.  We forgot what made us get excited like little kids and how to just LIVE! 

When the doTERRA business opportunity fell into our laps we finally understood our purpose.  We were handed such an incredible gift that not only has allowed us to travel the world but meet so many incredible people along the way while changing the lives of hundreds.  

We finally started waking up every morning and going to bed every night feeling joy in our hearts .  The ability to dream BIG was back and our souls were filled with freedom.  

You do not have to feel STUCK!  You deserve financial freedom and a job that is going to make you feel your purpose.

Currently we are leading a POWERHOUSE team who all have the same goal in common.  Live financially free so we are free to give to others.  Check out our free to give program here.


Together we can create non toxic households one drop at a time while fulfilling deeper needs of our own.  

STOP living a life you didn't plan for yourself and start reclaiming your health and begin setting your own worth.  

Let me tell you about freedom.....

Working with us is for you if....
  • You want to work for your own success and not someone else

  • You want to control your finances and control your worth (which is endless)

  • You want to create thriving online business that can you can be connected to and work on from any where in the world

  • You want an income that thrives every day

  • You finally want to LOVE what you do 

  • You want to change people's lives and create a positive lasting impact

  • You are coachable, teachable and want to learn endlessly

  • You can stay self-motivated and focused or be willing to finally learn how

  • You want to work hard and build a solid, sustainable recurring income that will pay you for years to come

  • You want to be part of a committed team of like-minded entrepreneurs working to further each others businesses and lives.

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Want to know how to run with us?

If you are ready to run and become an empowering entreprnour or you just want to learn a little more and talk to us in person or over the phone, fill this form out! Let's chat about all of the incredible options doTERRA has for you.  Just type 'I'm ready for a change!' in the message section and we will contact you right away!

Success! Message received.

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