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Who The Heck Are We?!


I am so glad you found your way here! My name is Chelsea Messer and I am one half of the Empowering Power Couple!

I’ll be the first to admit I am not a writer….like, not even close. I tend to write how I think and feel which means run on thoughts, an over use of exclamation marks and enthusiasm, honesty, truth, a whole lot of passion and so much love behind my words. (also if they are available to me emojis, lots of emojis)

Never did I think I would be a blog writer, but here we are on our own site doing our own dannnggg thing in this crazy life!

So how the heck did we even get here and who are we again?

Are we doctors? No. Nutritionists? Nope. Do we have a degree in this stuff? Not at all. We are just two average people who wanted to change. Two people who have spent the last 25+ years of our lives feeling stuck and miserable in our own bodies just… like… YOU. We have dedicated the past 2 years to researching, studying, using and educating ourselves on natural lifestyle alternatives.

We started off clueless. Using whatever synthetics we could to try and feel good. Rob (the other half of me and our business) was suffering from food and environmental allergies, fatigue, respiratory issues and gut problems. I was suffering from asthma, depression, terrible gut health and sleep issues.

We were gifted with some essential oils and our world opened up! We found new ways to support ourselves naturally as our first defense. We began seeing small improvements in our health then all of a sudden we saw HUGE improvements in our health.

We went from being sick every day, sluggish, caught up in brain fog and lack of focus that we couldn't function to thriving! We never knew what healthy felt or looked liked till we switched to this natural lifestyle of ours.

The only thing I would change, is knowing what I know now years and years ago.

Rob is an incredible 3rd grade teacher and our towns high school boys tennis team head coach. He is loved by the community and commits his life to being a mentor, educator and an insanely awesome person. (I am not just saying this because I am his proud wife ;) )

…..I didn’t know what to put next about me so I asked Rob to type it up and this is his thoughts on me…”Chelsea is a rockstar. She is the caring and nurturing leader of the group. She dedicates every day to helping people full time. You can actually text her at 3 in morning needing advice and she will answer. She will not stop till she can find a solution for someones health issues. Honestly, she just wants to be everyones best friend because she cares so much. She is willing to travel the country by herself to get to someone in need.”

Together we are on a mission to change the current generations views on health and wellness so that we can save our future generations to come. We are here to educate and guide you through the proper ways on incorporating essential oils and natural health to your every day routine.

Our promise is to be there for you when you need us. Consider us your new personal Natural Lifestyle Coaches. We believe in you and we know you deserve to feel ALIVE. We will never give up on your journey whatever it may be.

It’s your time! Tell us how the heck you got here and why you are reading this in the comments below! Can’t wait to connect and help you feel ALIVE through natural wellness so that you can THRIVE!

Welcome! To Your Thriving Health!

Chelsea & Rob Messer

PS- A note on us: we are quirky, fun, loving, obsessed with the METS, and won't post a lot of professional pictures because we are real xoxo

#EmpowerYourself #EmpoweringPowerCouple #FeelAlive #Thrive

#empoweringpowercouple #feelalive #thrive #health #wellness #naturallifestyle

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