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"Let's encourage people

             to LIVE more naturally

Empowering Natural Lifestyle Coaches

empowering and teaching you

                    to live a more natural lifestyle through

                                     essential oils and natural wellness practices

Meet Rob & Chelsea Messer


Chelsea & Rob are happily settled in Shelton, CT but regularly take trips across the country networking and teaching classes to build relationships and connect with those looking for a change.  They can be found regularly teaching classes in the local community to support their ‘Wellness Initiative’ cause, hiking throughout the country or coaching the Guilford, CT High Boys Tennis Team.  They use essential oils daily on themselves to enrich their lifestyle and stay healthy.

Relearn, Restart & Renew


Essental Oils have changed the way we think about natural living!  They are incredible sources of health and wellness derived straight for the earth.  In other words, they're awesome!  Learn all about their secrets, how to restart your life and renew yourself everyday. 

Join Our Team!


Whether you are looking for a change, searching for your true passion or seeking financial freedom, we can help! Learn more about how we are changing our lives and doing it with the most incredible team.

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